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on 25/05/2019, 08/06/2019 & 22/06/2019


on 01/06/2019, 15/06/2019 & 29/06/2019

BMW X5 4,0 Executive

Frequently Asked Questions

Send the keyword “WIN” to 99915

The promo campaign starts on February 20th 2019 and ends on July 20th 2019

You are participating for a chance to win:

- 300KWD on 25/05/2019, 08/06/2019 & 22/06/2019

- SAMSUNG S10+ on 01/06/2019, 15/06/2019 & 29/06/2019

- BMW X5 4,0 Executive

A participant can win up to one prize of each type
The winner will be contacted by ZAIN in the next days as to explain the process needed. So do not worry, just keep your phone on.
If you are a registered Zain user, you can opt-in to the “Score with Zain” subscription service by sending “WIN” to 99915, with 1 for free. You will receive daily award points and infotainment content for your favorite sport via SMS or Video.
The first day of the subscription service is offered for free. After that a charge of 150 Fils/ day applies. Subscribers can only have one (1) free-day trial.
The cost per SMS is 500 Fils
If you answer the question correctly, you get at least 20 points. However, during the competition you can get more points by participating in bonus phases. For every wrong or invalid reply, you get 10 points. So, keep answering correctly to increase your points.
This means that you entered a special bonus phase where you can play for more points that the usual awarded ones. Don’t lose this chance of receiving extra points!
If you want to participate in Arabic, send AR. For English send EN to 99915
Send the keyword SCORE to the short-code 99915
No. You will never lose your earned points. You can check your points at all times by sending the SCORE to 99915
You can opt-out from the campaign by sending STOP to 99915
No, if you are not a ZAIN’s subscriber unfortunately you cannot subscribe to the service.
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